Course materials are available for purchase ONLINE ONLY.

Textbooks are being shipped from our partner located in Kentucky. Online in stock means it is available at the off campus location and can be shipped to the Campus Store for free in two days.

Contact eCampus with any questions or conerns. Customer service is avaiable 24/7.

Orange Inclusive Access (“OIA”) is a program where you, the student, (1) automatically receives educational materials through Blackboard at the start of a course (2) for prices below competitive rates and (3) that are billed through the Bursar's Office.

Opt-in & Opt-out Info

You are automatically enrolled (opted-in) as participating for courses that choose to utilize OIA. You will receive an email notice informing you which of your classes are part of this program, and you will see an “Orange Inclusive Access” link in Blackboard.

If you wish to unenroll (“opt-out”), you will have fourteen (14) days from the start of classes to opt-out of participation, and you do so through the OIA link in Blackboard. If you opt-out, or drop/withdraw before charges appear on your account, you will not be billed. For short-duration courses (such as Winterim courses), you may have a shorter opt-out period, but you will be notified of deadlines via email and through the OIA link in Blackboard.

Accessing Materials


Unless otherwise directed, you must access provided eBooks directly through the OIA link within your course in Blackboard. If you try to access eBooks through other means, you will be prompted for payment.


For courseware, you will generally only use the OIA link to opt-out, opt-in again, or retrieve an access code. Most courseware can be accessed without the need to enter an access code through its own link within your course in Blackboard. For some courseware, you will be able to copy a code to enter at a specified link. If you attempt to access courseware directly through publisher sites, you will be prompted for payment.

Whitman School of Management Online Business Programs

Since this program does not utilize Blackboard, distributes Orange Inclusive Access content by delivering access codes through our webstore’s ordering system. Instructions for redeeming these codes are included in transactional emails and on our webstore. Students are not being directly charged for these materials at the time that we place these orders; they will be billed using the same processes as OIA charges originating from other programs. Students who wish to opt-out of their OIA material(s) delivered in this manner, should do so by requesting a return against their automatically generated order.


- The most common issue reported to us involves students being prompted to pay for OIA materials. Generally, this is due to students attempting to access materials directly through publisher webstores. Always use links within Blackboard. If you are prompted for payment from Blackboard links, we will need to make adjustments within our system.

- Occasionally device and/or browser settings will prevent you from accessing materials. We recommend that you try again after firstly closing your browser, secondly trying a different browser, thirdly restarting your device, and lastly using a different device. If these steps do not solve your problem, your classmates are likely to be experiencing the same thing, and we want to investigate as quickly as possible.

- While uncommon, you may use the same material in classes that you used in previous terms and receive a notice that your access has expired. We will most likely need to reach out to your courseware provider to resolve the problem.

- eCampus maintains a Help Desk on their store site, found here, to assist you.

If you are not able to resolve your access issue with the information provided above, please contact your instructor so that they are aware of the problem and can contact eCampus' dedicated support personnel. If you can provide screenshots demonstrating the issue, they should be able to solve your problem much faster.

At the end of each semester stop into the Campus Store and sell your textbooks back for cash! You can also sell your textbooks online.

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